After The Rain exhibition at Gecko Studio Gallery

‘Overnight’ made in 2019 for a show at Gecko Studio Gallery in Fish Creek (South Gippsland). I was thinking about how sometimes things grow when you don’t expect them to, or how life can spring from death. Made with flameworked borosilicate glass and a gnarly old piece of tree root.

After the Rain’ is made from 150 Rain Moth cocoons bottled in borosilicate glass, gold foil and dried lotus leaves. This piece was featured with Aesop Collins Street in 2019, for Craft Victoria’s Window Walk.

Rain Moths live their caterpillar lives tunnelling underground feeding on tree roots. In Autumn, often after a big rain, they head up toward the surface and prepare for metamorphosis. I spent days collecting these empty cocoons in South Gippsland under Black Wattle trees, such a beautiful part of the process of making this artwork.

A bundle of ‘Sand Cocoons’ I made recently, housing 18 sand samples from 18 different beach spots on the Mornington Peninsula. Hope to seek out some new beaches soon!